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Localista Press Team Code of Ethics

A member of the press team's reputation is based on their own code of ethics. Although getting the story is the ultimate goal, ethical standards can "make or break" a career. It is the duty of a press member to document newsworthy happenings - never altering circumstances or interfering with action to enhance your photographs, video or story. Photos and reports should tell a story just as it happened. Meeting the high standards of an honorable press requires patience, determination and strong ethics.

First, foremost and always remember that press access is a privilege not to be abused. Use the following principles to guide you:

Finally, the nature of breaking news makes preparation impossible. However, when you arrive on the scene, you are a member of the press -- expected to live up to the same ethical standards you display at scheduled media events. With practice and common sense, high ethical standards should come as naturally as taking a picture.